What is it with college crushes?

I thought he was dorky, awkward and cute. He was an artist. He had quirky fashion sense. Continue reading

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A, who wanted me to have it

Sometimes, it’s interesting to think about the ones you didn’t fuck.

A was another guy I had a crush on in college, but when I met him, he was apparently heartbroken. I didn’t see him much, or talk to him often. I didn’t really know much about him, come to think of it. I knew he wrote, and he seemed melancholy and pensive, and I suppose college me thought that was romantic. Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s better in your head. Continue reading

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I want you badly.

I want to spend the night underneath you, feeling your hands all over me, your mouth on mine, my legs spread open to accommodate you. I want to see the look of hunger in your eyes, alternating with the look of wonder and surprise. I want to hear your voice, telling me you can’t believe this is happening, incredulity marking every whisper. Continue reading

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MA, uncomplicated

These days, I find myself thinking about MA a lot. Continue reading

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How did this happen?

When was the last time you felt like a confused, hormonal teenager? Continue reading

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Someone new

It’s never quite what you asked for. Continue reading

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Touch me

I’ve said it before: I love being stark naked while the man ravaging me is fully clothed.

Like this:

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For the taking

I dreamt about Michael Fassbender.

Continue reading

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Making out

I dreamt about you a few months ago.

You were roommates with R, and I was hanging out with her. You were asleep in another room. When you woke up, you came out and you seemed happy to see me. As soon as she left the room we started making out.

I miss making out with new people.

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